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We believe that through our hands and heart, marvelous and powerful pieces can be created.

The studio was founded by local artist Kady Fung, “Sealing Stone" is named after Kady’s dad, which is originated from an ancient Chinese folk story: The goddess of creation, Nui Wo, refined many coloured stones with fire and used them to patch the sky in order to stop the disaster, and hence all creatures were regenerated. Hands can create marvelous piece, with the mission, we provide diverse workshops to promote DIY and Chinese Art.

工作室以主理人Kady 父親名字命名,源自神話「女媧煉石補青天」。相傳上古之時,女媧眼見天上出現了大窟窿,便不辭勞苦收集各色石子燒煉成漿進行修補,使萬物重生。我們開發各式DIY課程,致力推動手作時尚,並以新穎形式宣揚中國傳統藝術。

About the founder

Kady Fung graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, with a Master’s and Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. She is passionate about Chinese art, specializes in seal engraving, and is keen on using ancient Chinese characters to develop patterns and graphics. Her works usually entail life reflections. She also loves hand-crafted work, especially using mix and match methods with different media.

She is currently a visiting lecturer in Chinese Painting and Calligraphy in the Hong Kong Community College and tutor in the Centre of Arts of HKUST. She founded “Sealing Stone DIY Studio" to teach various art and DIY skills, while developing her own brand  Along long Words.

Her work was collected by different organizations and art collectors, including American archaeologist Susan E. Alcock , photographer Elizabeth Gill Lui and the Swire Group, Beijing Indigo.

Kady Fung 馮嘉儀為香港專上學院客席講師、香港科技大學Centre for the Arts 導師。畢業於香港中文大學藝術系,獲獎助學金修畢藝術創作碩士,攻讀中國藝術,研究篆刻在當代的發展方向,曾赴國立台灣藝術大學修習工藝設計,及赴北京畫院習畫。

她鍾情研究各種DIY 技術,作品入選2009香港當代藝術雙年展、2012西泠印社詩書畫印大展等,並曾舉辦多次展覽。作品獲攝影家Elizabeth Gill Lui、美國考古學家Susan E. Alcock等及太古集團、北京頤提港收藏。同時開展個人品牌「字樂樂」,以古文字研製飾品。

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合作伙伴 Partners

會所 Club

-Sogo Club
-香港賽馬會 The Hong Kong Jockey Club

企業 Corporate

-匯豐銀行 HSBC
-惠普 HP
-卡地亞 Catier
-數碼通 Smartone
-凱悅酒店 Hyatt Regency
-拉斐特婚禮統籌 Lafayette Wedding
-屈臣氏集團 A.S. Watson Group
-ProjectHEAD Wedding
-海港城 Habour City
-Bayer HealthCare Ltd
-English Town
-博文教育 Broad Learning
-Neo Derm (HK) Ltd
-Organic We
-The Laundress
-Cti Bank
-圓方 Elements

學院 School

-香港科技大學 HKUST
-香港中文大學文物館 Art Museum, CUHK
-香港中文大學敬文書院 CW Chu College, CUHK
-職業訓練局青年學院 VTC Youth College
-香港教育學院 HK IED

非牟利組織 NGO

-安徒生會 Hans Andersen Club
-社區、建造及工程專業發展中心 CCPDC
-香港青少年服務處 Hong Kong Children and Youth Services
-小童群益會 The Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong
-香港保護兒童會 Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children
-文化交遊 Cultural Outings
-協青社 Youth Outreach

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